Modular Platform Stage components

  Modular Platform Staging

Our unique platform system consists of individual modular platforms that can be modified to fit any need.  We have created a one-of-a-kind modular stage components that come in standard 3’x3′ or 4’x4′ squares. We also offer Custom size options and shapes to meet all applications. This allows you to build any platform design with endless capabilities, any size, any height, any creation!


 Cinemation Design started in 1993 with one vision in mind to give you the ability to bring your design to life, with the flexibility of a modular system.  The same elements can also be redesigned, repositioned, or added on to in any configuration or design you can dream up!  This allows your platform or stage to grow with you, as you grow. Your Modular platform or stage can also be easily transported to a new area, or facility as needed.  Today we’ve installed this system in hundreds of churches, colleges, schools, and televisions studios, for both public and private clients all over the nation.


The modular system is constructed from welded aluminum, which is durable, able to hold up to 3000 pounds and weighs less than any non-aluminum (metal) staging.  Standard sizes are simple; 4×4 or 3×3 with standard heights starting at 3” and go all the way up to 72”.  We also offer custom sizes to work with your design or layout. Additionally, we offer choir risers, drum risers, and other specialty platforms.  All customizable for maximum flexibility.

Our staging or platform systems are powder-coated silver or black, however we do offer custom colors upon request, if you want to get fancy with a specific look or coating. 


Floor treatments: the standard walking substrate is offered in our black industrial carpet or can be upgraded to frosted acrylic. Hint* the frosted acrylic can also be back lit for an amazing stage or platform that glows.


Profiles: the front profiles come in standard Black PVC to hide underneath the stage or platform giving a clean streamline look.



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