Design Services



With great attention to detail, craftsmanship, and functionality, Cinemation Design has been creating, building, and installing modular scenic and staging components in sanctuaries since 1996. Our goal from the beginning has been simple-give the church the best, most functional, and above all, an affordable solution to any and all of their staging needs. To keep that commitment, Cinemation Design has spent years in the development of a product line that is constantly evaluated and tested to ensure: strength, durability, ease of use, and affordability.  We have learned from experience that in order for that to be accomplished, a regimented and detailed evaluation of production must be a major part of the process. We couple that with an amazing group of dedicated designers, fabricators, and engineers, who truly have a heart to see the Gospel of Christ spread…one church at a time.

Wall Art

Wall art is an affordable way to tie the room together for that finished look.  We take the look designed for you and create wall canvas to carry your theme throughout any smaller space including halls, break rooms, classrooms, lobbies, or other spaces to bring the room alive.  We also offer standard wall art looks affordable for any budget.

Light Fixtures

Don’t forget the lighting to set the mood in any space.  We create lighting fixtures standard or custom with the latest look, in any color imaginable.  Have an idea?  Try to out create our designers; they are top notch and surprise us every time with their out of the box thinking.

Coffee Bars / Bistro Tables / Kiosks / Check-in Desks / Welcome Desks / Offering Kiosks

Our Lobby areas and elements are among the top in the nation and industry standards.  Our Coffee Bars, Bistro Tables, Kiosks, Check-in Desks, Office Desks, Welcome Desks, Podiums, Couches, Tables, Chairs are sturdy, durable and beautifully designed in the latest looks, industrial chic, and modern chic.


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