As a young boy in church, I remember that most people never sat in the first three rows. Why? It was too LOUD. If you sat in the back corner, you never heard a thing. Of course that was great when you needed a nap! From the experience of those early days, I’m constantly reminded at how it is imperative that the spoken Word which has the power to change a person’s life is clear, understood, and easily heard. Sound is the backbone of the Church worship experience. To accomplish that, Cinemation Design’s unique approach is based on one fundamental purpose: Build everything around a great PA system. Focus first on that, and everything else can follow. In order to accomplish great sound and hit most budgets, we design in every submitted budget, three systems we call good, better, and best. From there, a church can put in place a sound system that will ensure that every seat is a good seat. Every person has an experience that will draw them to Christ, not distract or even push them away.
-Dwayne Gates, Owner

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